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Powerful benefits of watermelon peel

27 marzo, 2024

Most people only eat the juicy pulp of a watermelon, however, the rind is completely edible and, furthermore, the rind is beneficial for your body in several ways. In fact, 95% of a watermelon’s nutritional value comes from its rind. Look here at the powerful benefits of watermelon peel that you didn’t know about.


The watermelon rind, like the watermelon pulp, is composed primarily of water. Thanks to its high water value, it can help the kidney process waste much more efficiently. Additionally, being adequately hydrated also helps reduce blood pressure.

Watermelon rind is packed with vitamins C, B6, and A. You also get a decent amount of potassium and zinc from eating the rind.

The citrulline present in watermelon rind can help fight free radical damage and boost the immune system. Vitamins and minerals can be found in just one serving of bark.

BENEFITS OF CONSUMING WATERMELON PEEL: benefits of watermelon peel

Breaks down kidney stones

The potassium in watermelon peel is an essential ingredient for kidney health as it helps regulate and maintain the acid level in the kidneys. The water content of watermelon peel helps eliminate stones that may be attached in the kidneys.

Helps in weight loss

The citrulline present in it can help with weight loss and the fiber found in the bark can help you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

The lycopene found in watermelon rind may help reduce the inflammation responsible for arthritis pain.

Watermelon peel is a good source of beta-carotene. It is also good for the eyes.

May treat urinary tract infections

The moisturizing and diuretic properties of watermelon peel make it very effective in treating urinary tract infections. Therefore, at the first sign of a UTI, you should start drinking watermelon peel juice.

Helps reduce pregnancy symptoms

Pregnant women can consume watermelon peel to reduce heartburn and any bloating associated with pregnancy. The natural sugars present in the bark may even help reduce morning sickness.

How to eat watermelon

Here are some simple ways you can eat watermelon again and add it to your diet.

Watermelon rind juice:

You can blend the watermelon rinds and drink it as a smoothie.

How to raw:

You can wash the watermelon rind and eat it raw, just like a cucumber.

Slices in salads:

You can cut the watermelon rind into small pieces and add it to your salad and coleslaws.