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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Cloves

28 marzo, 2024

Nature has given us various edible things in the form of fruits and flowers. One of those amazing things we have at the top of our spice list is a clove. So what are cloves? Cloves are nothing more than the dried flowers of the clove tree. It is a popular spice in India, which can be used in both ground and whole form. As you read about the amazing benefits of cloves, you will find it irresistible to stay away from this aromatic spice. Eating cloves every day can help improve your immunity, bone health, blood sugar levels, oral health, and liver function as well.

Let us familiarize you with the various health benefits of clove along with some common side effects of cloves.

Nutrients: cloves

Before we continue with the benefits of eating cloves, why don’t you look at the nutrients found in a clove? Here is a list of clove nutrients:





Vitamin K



10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cloves

Here is a complete list of 10 amazing benefits of cloves for your reference:

1. Helps reduce inflammation

The main benefit of eating cloves is that it helps reduce inflammation. It is loaded with a compound called eugenol that helps reduce inflammation in the body.

2. Helps fight free radicals

As we said, cloves are rich in a compound called eugenol, which is an antioxidant. Therefore, eating cloves helps fight free radicals in the body. By eliminating free radicals, cloves help minimize the risk of many diseases. In addition, it prevents aging.

3. Eat cloves to relieve cough

Among other main uses of cloves we have its use as an ancient remedy to treat the common cold and cough. Drinking clove water early in the morning on an empty stomach helps relieve common cold and cough.

4. Improves liver function

The list of health benefits of cloves does not end here. Cloves are a superfood for the liver. The same eugenol compound we talked about earlier helps reduce the chances of fatty liver disease and liver cirrhosis. Cloves are miraculous in improving liver function.

5. Helps repair bones

Being rich in manganese, cloves are also very effective in improving bone health. Eating cloves every day in a moderate amount helps prevent the chances of osteoporosis. Additionally, cloves also help repair damaged bones and tissues.

6. Prevents the risk of cancer

When we talk about the benefits of cloves, we must also tell you about its cancer-fighting properties. Some essential compounds found in cloves help prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body. Cloves help minimize the chances of cervical cancer, bone cancer and liver cancer.

7. Cloves are a perfect remedy to treat ulcers

Clove is a miraculous spice available to mankind that helps treat stomach ulcers. Cloves are powerful in thickening the mucus layers of the stomach to prevent the chances of developing ulcers. Additionally, if you eat cloves daily, it can also treat your existing ulcers.

8. Cloves are a powerful bacteria-killing spice.

Being rich in antibacterial properties, cloves are tremendous when it comes to killing bad bacteria in the body. Using clove essential oil helps kill the most common types of bacteria that lead to food poisoning. Therefore, it is often used as a main ingredient in some oral herbal products.

9. It can regulate blood sugar levels

Some recent research also revealed the effectiveness of cloves in regulating blood sugar levels. Cloves contain a compound called nigericin, which helps lower blood sugar levels by producing more insulin in the body.

10. Cloves help relieve toothache

Do you want instant relief from a sore tooth? Try eating a clove or applying a drop of clove oil to relieve your toothache without visiting a dental clinic. The natural anti-inflammatory properties found in cloves help reduce toothache and swelling in the area.

Side effects of cloves

Now that you have learned about the benefits of eating cloves daily, we think it is equally important to understand some side effects of eating cloves.

Clove essential oil is rich in eugenol oil, which may cause essential oil toxicity in some people.

Eating cloves can lower blood sugar levels in diabetic people leading to a condition called hypoglycemia.

The presence of eugenol in cloves can lead to serious drug interactions, especially if you are taking an anticoagulant medication.

The bottom line

Cloves form an integral part of every Indian cuisine. They are used in curries and teas for that aromatic flavor. The best part about cloves is that with flavor, they also improve our immunity. Incorporate this tasty spice into most of your dishes to extract the health benefits mentioned above.