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Plants that lower CHOLESTEROL naturally

27 marzo, 2024

We all know that a body needs cholesterol, however, too much cholesterol may indicate that you are at risk for heart disease. Today we bring you the best plants that lower cholesterol naturally.

Your body needs cholesterol to make the walls of all your cells, to make hormones, to help make vitamin D, and to help digest fat; However, too much cholesterol may indicate that you are at risk for heart disease.

Some types of cholesterol are better than others

Some types of cholesterol are better than others; Good cholesterol is called High Density Lipids (HDL), and bad cholesterol is known as Low Density Lipids (LDL). A blood test shows how much of each of these is present and will also show other fats in the blood.

Changes to your diet can help

Changes to your diet can help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

High-quality fat in your diet improves cholesterol

Contrary to popular belief, including high-quality fats in your diet can improve cholesterol level. It is very important to avoid harmful fats found in fast and reheated foods.

Avoid sugars

Even more importantly, avoid sugars and refined foods, as they are more likely to cause imbalances that lead to high cholesterol. There are many other important foods and nutrients that help reduce bad cholesterol.

Naturopaths will always guide you on these dietary aspects; Additionally, we often include herbal remedies to help you achieve a healthy cholesterol level.

plants that lower cholesterol naturally

Plants that lower CHOLESTEROL naturally

Many herbs have been traditionally used to lower cholesterol, not all have been the subject of research studies, but scientific evidence is growing and there is a greater understanding of how herbs work.

Marian thistle or Silybum marianum

The herb commonly known as milk thistle (or by its botanical name Silybum marianum), has long had a great reputation for stimulating healing in the liver. It has recently been shown to help maintain healthier cholesterol levels. In a study conducted a few years ago, fifty people who had type 2 diabetes and unhealthy high cholesterol were given Silybum marianum. After four months, not only were their bad cholesterol and blood fat levels lower, but their blood sugar levels also improved.

Alcachofa or Cynara scolymus

Artichoke, or botanical name Cynara scolymus, can be used as food, but is best taken as a more concentrated herbal medicine. It can prevent your body from making too much cholesterol. When seventy-five people with high cholesterol took an artichoke herbal preparation for 12 weeks, their total cholesterol was reduced to a healthier level. Artichoke has also been shown to be helpful with indigestion, probably because it helps break down fat.

Berberine found in many herbs

Berberine is a substance found in many herbs that are traditionally used to support the liver and lower cholesterol; Research findings show that berberine lowers cholesterol and blood fats in a different way than statins.

Guggul o Commiphora mukul

Guggul herb (or botanical name Commiphora mukul) has been used traditionally for over 2000 years. When people took this herb for 9 months, their cholesterol levels improved as much as the cholesterol and blood fat-lowering effect of modern medications.

Withania somnifera

Scientists are studying another herb, Withania somnifera, regarding its beneficial effects on cholesterol; show that it can reduce bad cholesterol, blood fats and total cholesterol, and increase good cholesterol.

Herbs tend to be safer and have fewer side effects.

When taken correctly, herbs tend to have fewer side effects and are safer than many medications used to lower cholesterol, making the herbal option more attractive to many people.

white marrubio

White horehound (botanical name Marrubium vulgare) has several traditional uses; It can help with respiratory problems, digestive problems, help reduce blood sugar levels and will also lower cholesterol and blood fats.

gymnema herb

The herb Gymnema (botanical name Gymnema sylvestre) has had a long history of use in Audevic medicine to lower blood sugar levels and reduce obesity. Research has been carried out in recent years showing that it helps reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels [ 16 ]. It has been discovered that a compound called gymnemic dihydroxy triacetate found in Gymnema reduces blood sugar levels, triglycerides, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and improves HDL cholesterol; Additionally, it has been shown to help liver function.


Hawthorn (botanical name Crataegus monogyna) traditionally used in all heart and circulatory problems also improves cholesterol.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba works in a very different way than statin medications to lower cholesterol.

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