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Actress who walked out of ‘Barbie’ movie with daughter, 10, slams ‘inappropriate’ scenes

An Indian actress named Juhi Parmar took her daughter to watch the new Barbie movie only to run out within the first 10 minutes because of how inappropriate it was. She was later slammed for a post she made slapping the movie’s innuendos

Barbie Movie Called Inappropriate

Juhi Parmar took to her Instagram to address the issues she felt as a parent of a young girl. She took her daughter to watch the new Barbie movie which she quickly realized was a big mistake. She grabbed her daughter and ran out of the cinema before any more of what she called “inappropriate language” could cause more damage. “Some of you may send me a lot of angst but I share this note as a concerned parent to Barbie,” she wrote in the post. “And for the other parents out there, don’t make the mistake I did. Please do check before you take your child for the film. That choice is yours!”

Juhi was able to take accountability for taking her child to the PG-13-rated Barbie movie, even if she did so unknowingly. “I start with owning up to my mistake. I took my 10-year-old daughter Samairra to watch your film without researching the fact that it was a “PG-13” movie. 10 minutes into the movie, there was inappropriate language and sexual connotations. And I was anxiously running out of the theatre wondering what I had just exposed my child to.”

No Cross Checks

People have slammed the mother for allowing her child to be exposed to such so-called “inappropriate language and she should just leave the movie to be what it is. But, Juhi demanded to know why there were no cross-checks on the age limit before entering the cinema. “I want to ask, why make a movie that is such an essential part of a child’s life and then have content in it which is so inappropriate for them,” she wrote. “And then I ask what about the cross-checks? I made a mistake by not doing my research but why are there no reminders and checks? Why are theaters not reminding parents that: we hope you are aware that this is a PG-13 movie?”

Juhi then pointed out that she had a Barbie growing up, and so did most women. Young girls to this day still fawn over the Barbie doll collections. So according to her, it was natural to want to take your young child to see the movie. However, she pointed out that because of the inappropriate language, the cinema would have been emptied out by concerned parents rushing their kids out of the movie to save their innocent minds. “The theaters would be half empty if it wasn’t for the young girls who are pushing their parents to take them to the film,” she wrote. “I went back and checked the promos and realized that none of them even gave a glimpse of the inappropriate language that was coming up in the movie. So then then why mislead?”

Many of Barbie’s die-hard fans took offense to Juhi’s post. They commented with their opinions ruthlessly. One person wrote: “The movie already told you it’s PG-13, what else you want them to do? Call you personally? It is YOUR responsibility to do your research. Your child is YOUR responsibility, so if your failure to check before going into the movies, it’s no one else’s fault except yours.”

Barbie was an illusion, yes! You said it! Do you know how many women are insecure, underconfident, and have body image issues because of this particular ILLUSION!!!” wrote another. Then, someone else pointed out that the movie goes against all the stereotypes of Barbie that were once considered toxic. “The movie literally challenged and made fun of all the stereotypes that was associated with Barbie while we were growing up. It talks about things like patriarchy and feminism and how the entire concept of Barbie was misunderstood and turned into a bimbo. Your serials on the other not only suggests but also promotes patriarchy, misogyny, s**t shaming. But you will gladly show your kids those. So typical!”


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